First Roll of Medium Format Film

I shot my first roll of medium format film on my Yashica Mat TLR. Even though I’ve shot several rolls of 35mm film, shooting with a TLR was more challenging than I thought it would be. Not having a light meter was a bit of challenge but after getting the hang of it, I was shooting using the Sunny 16 rule. Also the waist level viewfinder on a TLR takes getting used to since the image is flipped instead of the “normal” way on a typical SLR. The Yashica Mat takes 12 pictures from a single roll of film. Most of the shots for this roll were underexposed and these 3 shots were the best out of the 12. I shot these using an expired roll of Kodak Portra 400. 


Went to the cottage over the Canada Day long weekend with a couple of friends. It was a very relaxing experience being away from the city and technology. 

Using Format